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Recomanded songs

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1 Recomanded songs on Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:01 pm


Trainee Poster
Trainee Poster
since not evryone likes rock/metal am gonna go ahead an open up this cute little topic about music reccomandation in general ^_^

so lets say 1-3 songs per post ok? we dont wanna over do it Smile we got lifetime's ahead of us so have fun sharing your favorite songs and enjoy those of others who shared theirs Very Happy

1.Avici - Levels (definately a very popular song lately Smile)
2.Radio Killer - Be free (it sounds pleasent for my ears so help urself ^_^ )
3.Archie - Guess what (its a ..ahem pony song... if you know what i mean if you dont then check it out... the guy is one of the brony music artisans... its lately becomeing quite popular and this song is quite pleasent for my ears even tho its a bit repetative)

well folks that'd be all for now see you soon and check it out comment and share your own songs Smile (3 at a time please Wink)


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